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Porcupine Bezoar Medical Value | Porcupine Bezoar
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Porcupine Bezoar Medical Value

According to Chinese medicine records, our ancestors and some aborigines have knowledge on the medicinal values of the porcupine bezoar. In this age, through the advancement of medicine, researches have proven that the porcupine bezoar is valuable and effective in treatment. It has been shown to complement in the treatments below:


Used in relieving post-surgery side effects such as pain, fever and also helps in healing of the wound.


Relieves the pain & infection caused by post-chemotherapy & radiotherapy side effects, clears the toxins, and helps the immune system in recovering quickly. Controls and reduces the disease.


Can speedily reduce the heat and clears the virus. Increases platelet count to normal levels. Helps strengthens the immune system for speedy recovery.


Can relieve heatiness and clear toxins quickly. Clears the pus and disinfect. Helps streangthens the immune system for speedy recovery.


Very effective against toxins, pus and infection. Helps in blood protection, growth of muscles and relieving pain.


Also effective for skin diseases, acne, tumor, hardening of coronary vessels. For relieving wind, heartburn, gastric and other diseases.

For general healthcare, it used to prevent cancer and also suitable for working late nights & work-related stress.

As the quality of our lifestyle increases, and with people’s focus on healthcare, the demand for porcupine bezoar is fast increasing, so has its price. Unknowingly, it has become a very valuable medicine. Some rich people are even collecting it for stockpiling and maintaining its price.

Further, the most valuable for the porcupine bezoars are procured from porcupines in the rainforest of Indonesia or Borneo. The porcupines here eat unpolluted herbs that have high medicinal value causing the besoars produced here to be of the rarest and highest value.  The price is very high and has collection, medicinal and stockpiling value.